Happy Days are Here Again!

What is happiness?

There is no definitive meaning to happiness. It means different things to different people. Few are contended with small moments of happiness and few feel that happiness is the life’s path. Everybody wants to be happy but ironically, most of them don’t know what makes them happy. Happiness is more like a mental or emotional state of mind that tells you that ‘you feel good, so you are happy’. This is a vague and uncertain concept. People tend to associate happiness with the ‘comfortable life’. When a man has a successful career, an enviable house, a beautiful wife, lovely kids and enough money he is considered to be a happy man by others. But, in reality, he might not be a happy soul because; he finds happiness in being wanderlust.

Happiness is defined in the Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary as ‘a state of well-being and contentment’ and also as ‘a pleasurable or satisfying experience’. The former definition talks about true happiness and the later, about the petty moments of joy. Even an unhappy person can experience the latter. True Happiness, can be defined as ‘a state of mind, in which you are not blindly satisfied by irrational wishes, you feel joy without any guilt’.

In day to day life, happiness is considered as an emotion or more like a reaction to your mood. Sometime when you feel elated, you assume you are happy irrespective of the state of mind or situation you are in. This is definitely happiness but, not true happiness. These are joyous moments that make you realize that, it feels good to be happy. These joyous moments can change the way you look at life and lead you towards true happiness.

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